Vulnerability in Internet Explorer allows hackers to steal your data even if you use the browser

Researchers have found a security vulnerability in the new web browser, “Internet Explorer” Internet Explorer, a subsidiary of Microsoft, allows hackers to steal data of users of Windows.

Said researcher John Biggs said that the worst part is in the gap it is no use to open the users windows, of to Microsoft also, the browser that is no longer important after the concentration of the American company on the browser “Edge” Edge the latest, but enough for hackers to have a program on there so they can exploit the vulnerability.

Wrote Paige, also known by the codename hyp3rlinx, in the publication: “the Internet Explorer vulnerable to attack “Kiev-XML-external” If you open the user file .MHT specifically crafted inside of the machine”. He added: “This could have allowed remote attackers to drag the local files and conduct a survey on the software version information installed locally”.

This means that the Pirates benefit from the problem of the gap using the file .MHT, a file format that is used by software Internet Explorer archive own website. And don’t use the web browsers current format .MHT, so if a user tries to access this file, the Windows browser opens by default.

And hackers to start attacks make users open file attachments delivered via e-mail or messaging programs, or transfer services to other files.

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He said security researcher beige if you chose security vulnerability using the latest version with the number 11 of the Internet Explorer browser. It affects the users systems: Windows 7, Windows 10, and “Windows Server 2012 R2” Windows Server 2012 R2.

Most worrying, according to Paige, is that Microsoft told him that they “will” fix the gap in the modernization of the future.And says security researcher it’s called the Microsoft in the month of March last, before the existence of the gap to return.

According to the latest figures, the Internet Explorer browser still accounts for about 10% of the market for web browsers, so it may be simple, given that just having a browser on the device of all to exploit vulnerabilities.

It is indicated that Microsoft sought since the launch of the browser Edge with Windows 10 years ago to push users to abandon Internet Explorer, especially after stopping the development in 2015.

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