Vulnerability in iPhone allow you to spy on diplomats and leaders

A vulnerability in the iPhone allowed former American intelligence officers, working for the government of the UAE for several years to spy on government officials, diplomats and even foreign leaders. About it reports Reuters, citing sources, who requested anonymity. All manipulations on setting the surveillance of the victims was carried out using a comprehensive tool called Karma, which, according to industry experts, is an extremely powerful cyber-weapons.

The scouts received the remote access to the vulnerable iPhone, just loading up at Karma phone numbers of victims or email addresses. As a result, the spies were given access to photos of infected smart phones, correspondence, data on the movements and even passwords. The danger of this method was that the infection of the device the victim didn’t have to click on links or download malware masquerading as legitimate.

Vulnerability in iMessage

Ironic that the use of Karma, the scouts could only iPhone, while Android smartphones were vulnerable to a committed attack. According to Reuters, it could be due to the fact that hacking was involved vulnerability in iMessage service, which is exclusive available only on devices of Apple. At the same time to introduce malware has been the case even if the victim had never used iMessage.

At different times, Karma has allowed to establish surveillance of the Emir of Qatar, senior officials of Turkey and human rights defenders from Yemen. But to say unequivocally whether you are using the tool to C then, it is impossible. Even Apple, which Reuters asked for comment, refused to make any comment on this question, revealing information about the relevance of the exploited vulnerability by hackers. Apparently, in order not to lose authority.

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