Vulnerability in WhatsApp allows access to messages and groups

whatsapp snoop

whatsapp snoop

Discovered a team of researchers gung Germans flaw in WhatsApp allows hackers to view the content of messages in group conversations.

Reviewed researchers from the University of the Ruhr University Bochum German day Wednesday gap own boss within the Real World Crypto security, in addition to gaps in the other chat apps including a Signal.

According to the researchers, anyone who speaks the server of WhatsApp can easily add people in group conversations without even having to obtain the consent of the managers group.

This means that any person from the staff of WhatsApp or government authorities can access the talks of the users, even with the use of encryption from Party to party, means that the consultation does not provide any benefit here because he’s supposed to not be able to read the content of the message only the sender and receiver.


The vulnerability in WhatsApp allows access to messages and groups appeared first on the tech world.

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