Vulnerability new paid Google close network Google +four months ahead of schedule

Google Plus logo is projected on to the wall during a Google event in San Francisco

Was network Google +no during the past two years and it was just a matter of time before Google Inc. its network of social actors. And decided to do it when I discovered the error a major security impact on the nearly half a million users. Google said it would close the service in the year 2019. However, I found out the company is now bug a new security impact on the 52.5 million users and decided to close the social network Google +four months ahead of schedule.

Google announced today it discovered that users had been affected by this error security after the updated software was released in the month of November. I the impact of this error on API Google+ API, and this can lead to leaking the data of up to 52.5 million users for apps that use this API.

The company they discovered this back during the conduct of the tests own said fix it within a week. The company says that there is no evidence on the access of application developers to this API to access the data of the six days that the police were aware of this vulnerability.

I decided to Google company is now accelerating the close network Google+. Will now close the social network, four months ahead of the schedule previously, and exactly in the month of April 2019, and will then close the access to all the APIs for Google+ API within the next 90 days.


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