Vzhuh, and you trader: John McAfee has launched its own platform McAfee Magic

Millionaire John McAfee has announced the launch of a new trading platform called McAfee Magic. In short, the project allows you to automate trading on multiple exchanges, combining information about the auction in a single interface. It is noteworthy that this is the second software product, which bears the name of the McAfee. The first was the antivirus.

Hogwarts on the blockchain

McAfee Magic had to combine opportunities for both manual and automated trading. What is “magic”? The project website States that the user will be able quickly to make trades in this beginners even get access to history of orders of professionals to copy their trading strategy.

“Magic” is that the beginner do not have to Deposit funds into the account. It can just control their funds on different stock exchanges.

While Magic can be used for eight exchanges; the automated trading bots available for more than 500 different trading pairs. McAfee Magic also uses its own ERC-20 token Arbitrage.

Sorry to tell about their trading platform so late. I had a lot of their cases: fighting with the police Commissioner of the Bahamas and the next attempt to kill me. But better late than never — pad is ready.

Yes, the announcement was so pathetic. The millionaire promised to disclose more information about debit cryptomath.

By the way, you can already test the capabilities of McAfee’s own Magic. Judging by the first reviews, server platform worked quite unstable due to the large influx of users. The interface of the project is simple — on the main page you can access the exchanges, hidden transactions, own purse and settings.

Users will need to “fuel” — the native token of ARB, which can be used to obtain other capabilities of the user account. Among the trading pairs and eight exchanges are all popular crypto currencies. By itself, liquidity is also huge.

Source: McAfee Magic

However, while it is not clear how it will work automated trading with bots. McAfee Magic should have his own trading strategy but whether they bring the users a profit? However, cryptocommunist reacted positively to the release, many congratulated John on the successful launch of the platform.

By the way, departures of the website in offline arose from-for hacker attacks.

AWS servers are still under DDoS attack. Some idiot uses the Tor Browser to cover their tracks. As if that will save him.

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