Wait: Ethereum began integrating hard forks Constantinople

The Ethereum developers integrate code for Constantinople, the next major upgrade of the network of cryptocurrency. The upgrade should make the network more efficient and reduce the transaction fee. This writes Coindesk.

What about Ethereum

The update should be activated before the conference Devcon4, which will be held in October 2018. This was announced yesterday at a regular meeting of developers of cryptocurrency. The exact number block for entering a new code is not yet known.

Roadmap upgrade also is in development. Recent work on the integration of Constantinople will run until August 13. After this date the developers will launch a two-month phase of testing the updates. Recall that Constantinople is the second part of a major upgrade that started with the activation of Byzantium in October last year.

At yesterday’s meeting the leading developers of Ethereum reported on the implementation of four proposals to improve the network (EIP). Largest lead developer of Ethereum client Geth Peter Siladi said that his team has already made the necessary changes to the code.

To these updates applies EIP 210, which reorganizes the storage of the hashes of the blocks, and EIP 145, increasing the speed of arithmetic operations in the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). EIP 1014 adds the channels of the Ethereum state, and EIP 1052 optimizes performance smartcontract.

Under discussion are two EIP. The first one can postpone the increase of the cryptocurrency. The second will improve the principle of the calculation of the price of gas per transaction.

We will remind, about innovations in network Ethereum know scammers. They recently tried to get coins users to the fake site. To light the amount of funds supposedly needed to get your steak in the transition to PoS. The scheme is simple, but dangerous. Be sure to read.


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