Wait. Macbook Pro received the eighth generation of Intel Core processors, loads of RAM and an updated keyboard

Apple decided to update their top-end Macbook Pro, adding new processors, memory configuration, display and keyboard. Such a move by the company addresses the main shortcomings of the current generation of devices. Plus, according to representatives Apple, the new laptops will receive a 70-percent performance increase for the 15-inch model and a twofold increase for the 13-inch.
In a hurry to upset many users – updates the available without Tabara Pro 13, Macbook Air and 12 in the near future will not. The new “guts” will only get older models.

New Macbook Pro 15 is the most awaited upgrade. The laptop will come with a six-core Intel i7 or i9, as well there are options with 32 GB DDR4 RAM, 4 TB SSD, and the Radeon Pro 4GB. The top-end processor can work at a frequency of 2.9 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 4.8 GHz) that will allow to get a significant increase in demanding tasks (take the Final Cut).

More compact 13-inch model now comes with a Quad-core Intel i5 or i7 processors, up to 16 GB of RAM, SSD up to 2 TB and integrated graphics accelerator Intel Iris 655. Plus, the laptops are equipped with extra Apple chip T2, allowing to implement additional security and support “Hey Siri”.

Besides updating the in terms of iron all new items will get slightly increased battery. Indicators of autonomy should remain the same, because the new hardware will require more power.

Resolution displays has not changed, but there is support for a True Tone in the main screen and tacare. Why is he in the last not entirely clear, but it wouldn’t hurt.

But with the keyboard at the moment, the situation is not entirely clear. On the one hand, this is the third generation proprietary mechanism for “Butterfly”, and about the problems of the previous versions of the company knows. But Apple representatives say that the only change in keyboard is… click. Just another click. And for those who keyboard fails due to dust and other “extremely serious” threats should take advantage of the four-year warranty program to repair the keyboard.

The price tag of the older model Macbook Pro 13 will start at $ 1,799 in the US, but for the Macbook Pro 15 will ask 2399 dollars. The cost of the basic version remained the same, but the loaded Pro 15 will cost an incredible $ 6699 for which you can buy a few cars in the Lithuanian room, a dozen laptops to Windows and to run your business.

The update is good, but, in my opinion, a company is a bit delayed with the eighth generation of processors. What do you think about the new MacBook?

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