Waiting for the fall course: China has vowed to block 124 foreign exchange

In February, China’s Central Bank announced plans to prohibit the circulation of cryptocurrency in the country. Since then, the Chinese traders and miners have not easy to trade the coins they prefer in Hong Kong, South Korea and other nearby regions.

Now the government has dealt another blow to the market. Authorities associated with the WeChat messenger has blocked the accounts of the media and groups that spread information about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain. While the government has promised to block 124 foreign exchange. This writes Coindesk.

How to regulate cryptocurrencies. The Experience Of China

The number was blocked not only the specialized cryptocurrency, but the news Jinse, Deepchain, Huobi News and CoinDaily. When you try to go to the media messenger gives a message that they blocked many user complaints.

The reason for blocking will be the law on the prohibition of cryptocurrency media to publish links to your content in social networks and messengers. The new rules entered into force on August 8, but to monitor their implementation, the government began only now.

According to the publication, in the near future, the office for the control of risks in the financial technology field can start to block the sites of exchanges that allow you to trade cryptocurrency and hold ICO, despite the country’s ban. Now users from China are unable to go to the sites Binance, OKEx, and Bitfinex.

In case of realization of threats of the authorities, the market probably will react. Hopefully, the possible approval of the ETF will block the fall.

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