Waiting for the growth of Ripple? Micropayments in XRP is now available on YouTube and Twitch

Former CTO of Ripple Labs, Stefan Thomas launched the platform Coil, which is integrated with the streaming services YouTube and Twitch and Wikipedia. The project will allow users to donate to content creators in the XRP tokens and can cause a new growth wave Ripple. This writes the CCN.

Coil is a browser extension and has positioned itself as an alternative to the existing system of payment of donations. In the future the management plans to enter into agreements with YouTube and Twitch for the advertising fees, said Thomas.

For decades people have discussed the potential of micropayments to support content creators, which could create an alternative to the current ineffective ad network.

Coil also allows you to pay for content subscription in bitcoin. According to the developers of the service, this area is one of the most promising.

The Creator of the platform predicts that by the end of the year she will have over 5 million active users. It is quite optimistic plans, however, in the emerging market of cryptocurrency projects ambitions Stephen Thomas may well become a reality, the newspaper notes.

The success of the Coil will lead not only to increased use of crypto-currencies, but probably to a new wave of growth in XRP. This does not mean that a coin worth buying right now. However, in the near future, many traders will be closely watching the Ripple. Especially considering its recent rally, when the capitalization of the coins for a while ahead of Ethereum.

Previously Director of Ripple on regulation in the Asia-Pacific and middle East regions of Serbia Sagara said that in the next month the company will launch xRapid. According to him, the project will allow to accelerate cross-border transactions and facilitate the access of financial institutions to cryptocurrency.

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