Wal-Mart is looking to the acquisition of more than 40% of Flipkart

وول مارت

وول مارت

Experience giant retail American Walmart games with the giant Indian e-commerce Flipkart to acquire a share of more than 40% of them in order to suitable Amazon.

Still the details of the transaction under the sea where they require Walmart to buy shares existing and new shares in the company where it is expected to raise the value of Flipkart to over $ 12 million.

Was Flipkart has received funding worth $ 1.4 billion last year the biggest financing I got it ten years ago to be able to match the great demand in the country. This came funding from major companies such as Tencent, eBay and Microsoft.

Store was founded Flipkart in 2007 to invest a minimal of about 6 thousand dollars to launch the site, the total revenue last year of more than $ 3 million. The store offers also product range brand, which includes electronics such as tablets look flash.

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