Walks in the Park make people happy — proven Twitter

What makes people happy? On this question the members of our species seek the answer from time immemorial. Recently, scientists from the University of Vermont found that after a walk in the Park, the person becomes less irritable, but that’s not all. According to the results of the study, the walk gives us a sense of euphoria, akin to that which can be experienced on Christmas morning. Who would have thought?

And in your city have a Park?

How to cheer yourself up?

In the study, researchers found that the mood is starting to improve already in time out Hiking. And the increased level of happiness remains for several hours afterwards. However, in order to feel completely happy walking anywhere is not necessary. British scientists came to the conclusion that a walk through open countryside and pastime in areas with large concentrations of people at least and lift the mood but do not go to any comparison with a walk in the Park.

According to one of the study’s authors Christopher Daparma, being in nature has on the body tonic effect, which cannot be compared to shopping or going to the cinema.

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Where people are happier?

But as scientists came to these conclusions? It may surprise you, but all thanks to Twitter: the study is based on a tool called hedonometer. It measures the mood of Twitter users on the basis of their contained words. Words like “laughter”, “rainbow” and “love” are correlated with positive mood, while the word “murder”, “terrorist” and “cancer” is clearly not. Other words such as “indicate”, “to be” and “I” do not carry any emotional coloring.

Here is hedonometer

Of course, like any other tool in the analysis of mood, hedonometer not perfect. Despite the fact that hedonometer cannot identify written or that a tweet with sarcasm and that in this social network are not uncommon, studies have shown that the tool measures a good mood.

Researchers analyzed the tweets of people in San Francisco geotagged for the period from may to August 2016. Thanks to geotagged researchers can track whether a tweet is sent out of the Park or any other place in the city. They then analyzed the mood of the user at the time of publishing tweets made in the Park, as well as tweets made after a walk.

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During the analysis the researchers made use of a scale from one to nine, according to which 1 is the least happy state, and nine maximum. Tweets sent from the parks, was estimated at 6.43 points. They also were more tweets sent from other places approximately 0,229 points.

According to previous studies using hedonometer, this level of happiness is observed among the users on Christmas. By the way, on this day, according to hedonometer, the level of happiness of Twitter users rises to heaven.

Where better to live?

It is no secret that residents of large cities happy less than those living in less densely populated regions. Noise and light pollution of cities increases stress levels, which, in turn, leads to the development of many diseases, including diseases of the soul. The study, researchers from the University of Vermont again shows that positive effects on psychological and physical health of citizens have a green zone.

So the next time you hear that someone wants to place the Park to build a shopping center, consider that this someone takes away your physical and mental health. Thus, it is possible to reduce the duration of your life.

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Scientists say that the presence of biodiversity in parks is also of great importance for our well-being. Thus the preservation of the different species is important for every inhabitant of our planet. The less green areas left on the Earth, and the smaller animals reside in them, the sadder people.

So, after reading this article, feel free to go to the nearest Park to feed the ducks, squirrels or pigeons.

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