Wallpapers Samsung to hide the front camera is a mess S10

Samsung launched its smart phones Galaxy S10 with a new design of the front facade, so the front camera became a part of the screen, leaving a small part of the corner of the screen also allows the hole, so that established users some backgrounds smart to hide the hole, and watched the Samsung recently the background of their partnership with Disney.

Hide the hole the front camera is very easy with the proper background, especially if the background of the Black color, so that won’t show the hole and the camera only focusing the flour being their color is mainly black, or you can use colored backgrounds other which are used to hole the camera in a humorous manner.

Most wallpapers Samsung the official is not free, and can be used for 14 days before expiry and a return to background default unless they pay the users for it, but the company says that these new phones Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e is completely free and can be downloaded from the App Store Galaxy Store.

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