Walmart set to launch store to compete with Amazon by shipping orders within 3 hours


The chain stores of America Walmart in 2016, to take possession of e-store compared to US $ 3 billion, the company announced today the re-launch of the App Store with several new features that will make the store more exciting care consumers and more competitive major electronic stores such as Amazon. Focuses store new look, more on customers in big cities such as New York, where it will enhance their experience with the messages and pictures. Will store now possibility of delivery of orders within three hours to compete more with the grocery delivery service on the same day from Amazon.

Not available Experience Personalization with letters and local newspapers. Will read and store also on display products that are popular in a certain area in addition to the transfer of the site from the design day to design a nightclub with the passage of the day. Will the viewing experience of the products most sought in the region to New York City only, but will be put up in other cities in the coming months.

Customers will be able to in New York City to get their products within three hours note that this offer covers a range of products, including but not limited to, grocery stores, daily necessities, and products from local businesses. Customers will be able to provide guidance about where to leave these items and send them in bags isolated recyclable which can keep food cool for up to three hours.

The company will delivery operations in New York City through the Parcel, which is the company recommendation, the company Walmart acquired in the past year. It should be noted that stores will voice search feature so that users can register via Siri in the mobile app. You will receive all the customer specific recommendations for products based on the purchases of their estate to the demand based on expectations relating to the need to replenish inventory.

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