Want a kit for Christmas, priced at craving?.. Get in on the site of the “stand” to sell and buy the target used

If you now open your wardrobe, and it encodes, I think you’ll see 10 pieces of forgotten clothing at least didn’t wear them long, either due to increase or your weight loss, or did they become suitable to the nature of your current job.

With various reasons, you no longer arrangement, with doubled notice the clothes, the better not to receive it in the garbage cans, so, you have to resort to the site of the “stand” to sell it and take the money to buy new pieces to suit you now, or on the same site you can buy the pieces no longer the owners need him and they decided to sell it like me, here you will save a lot of time and money.

Are you asking about the details of the site, “smock”, it is in a nutshell the first website in Egypt that aims to facilitate communication between the seller and the buyer, to facilitate the exchange of clothes, collectibles, shoes and accessories used between participants, by providing a platform easy and reliable online, the goal is to achieve additional income for the participants through the sale of collectibles that are no longer desirable, for one reason or another, while preserving the environment through re-use of clothing and collectibles instead of discarding them, and even enjoy all the parties in the proceedings for the exchange of personal belongings.. his goals great and make you ready, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Don’t worry, the site of Smock simple and uncluttered as you think, Enter Now via THIS LINK, and then enter browse the site thoroughly, you will see a box that says Create Account, click on it and type your data so you can browse and use the site with ease.

After account creation you can login to add a declaration, and even succeed in this step you prepare the price of the piece you wish to sell, the image, and her dress, and the color, and a thorough description of them.

Either if you are going to purchase from “smock”, you should browse the box (source), and more of a workbook, such as cosmetics & accessories, clothing, etc., and all of a workbook, you can browse it with ease, and you like the cut of the clothes particular, you have time Click on the image to take the phone number and communicate with the seller easily.

Right, the site clothes, the websites specialized in the sale of these collectibles used, which is the first position of Egypt provides this service to our knowledge, an idea prevalent in America and Britain.

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