Want in the space? Blue Origin will take you there in just 200-300 thousand dollars

Space tourism is an industry of the future. Yes, space tourists have visited the ISS, but they were silent, and then the project was closed due to lack of free seats on the spacecraft.

But now several companies are developing this direction. First, perhaps the commercial flights will start, Blue Origin. Who knows, it’s company head of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

We have a compact missile with the first stage return and ship New Shepard, is designed for six passengers. In contrast to SpaceX, Blue Origin rocket is not able to output the ship into orbit. The ship reaches a height of only about 100-110 km, so many believe that it is not a space at all. In fact, it turns out that the flights will be suborbital New Shepard, and their duration will be only a few minutes.

Commercial flights, Blue Origin plans to start next year, although a test with passengers scheduled for “the near future”. According to leaks, the ticket price for this attraction would be about 200-300 thousand dollars. If you think that it is expensive, the cost of the flight to the ISS at the time reached 35 million dollars! However, it is a very different feeling.

In General, prepare your money.

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