Want to protect your data from the internet deep? You application Dashlane

Through the description of the update newest protection development on smart phones Dashlane, the promise of the developers of the famous app users to alert them of the status of deployment of data, their account and their speed across the deep web, where the app constantly data that are continuously sold by their saying.

Deep web or dark web is the hidden part of the internet which does not appear through the search engines and shows up across browsers regular used (whether Chrome or Firefox or Safari or others) where this page is trading data of missing persons and their accounts bank beside all what you can imagine. from the trade illegal, either prostitution or drugs or gun business.

The app is currently user when one of the inventors selling one of his accounts online deep, where the user is subjected to these kinds of intrusions when you use the same email and password on more than one site and apply when you penetrate someone be sensitive data its important available to the hacker with ease and without any trouble.

Company Dashlane based in the city of Newyork has released Dashlane 6, the new version of months of their applications. Apps offer protection to and organize the passwords a number of advantages of storing the passwords through secure databases and populated bescletta automatic so the user does not need to rewrite it a lot.

Also lets Dashlane possibility to follow the account if you know his penetration and presence in the databases of the Special Operations hack, allowing Dashlane 6 possible follow-up to 5 accounts at the same time when exposure to the hack.

The company has a database of 12 million records of breakthroughs where the company adds a million new records per day. When the appearance of one of the accounts e-mail user on the Deep Web tells the app to alert the user directly through the warning appears in front of him and his change of the login data. And the new version of Dashlane is also a new control panel that summarizes the user a lot of Information Security fast. Help you fact new also get the solutions to better security and make your passwords stronger in time, which describes the executive director of the company management of the electronic identity of the company. it’s very.

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