Want to repair your iPhone? Do it for free!

Types of damage the iPhone, as we know, there is a great variety. It is one thing when you want to change only the battery, and quite another to replace a memory chip or glass, which shattered in the fall. The more complex the repair, the more expensive it is, but this time you have the opportunity to do everything for free.

For quite a long time colleagues from Apple service center Pro allows us to look behind the scenes of iPhone and iPad. We not only saw how to change the front and rear glass on the iPhone, but also watched the restoration of damaged iPad, repair modem and even INCREASE memory iPhone. And if you carefully read these articles (and if not — you still have the opportunity to do so), you can get a certificate for a free repair from the service center Apple Pro.

What repairs can be done for free?

For example, you can replace the cracked glass on your iPhone, change the display module, battery, speaker… in General, the type of repair you choose — certificate covers repair up to $ 5 000.

On the basis of the article, we’ve compiled a small test with questions about the iPhone repair & iPad. The answers you will find in these materials (or on the Apple website Pro):

As soon as you answer the test questions, which is posted below (or this link), leave your email address in the Google form that you could contact in case of victory. A certificate for a free repair will be played next week, among all those who correctly answer all questions! So answer carefully.

And, of course, each participant can take the test only once. No cheating, check!

However, even if you don’t win this time, don’t forget to repair any Apple equipment in the service center Apple Pro you can always get a 10% discount — just tell me what you read AppleInsider.ru.

One of the answers to the questions here!

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