Warning from Microsoft for users of Windows 10 before the update

Is the most important update for the Windows 10 system almost ready, but Microsoft has now issued a warning important for everyone who wants to get it, where she said they will need up to twice the storage space on their computers to receive the new update, an upgrade that gives users finally control over Windows updates, and will apply new requirements on all versions of Windows 10.

Where the company announced that the new minimum space is 32 gigabytes after that was 16 gigabytes for Windows 10 32 bit, and almost increased by 40% for the 64-bit, and for the majority of users this will not be a problem for sure, but the warning addressed to the owners of old computers or users who consume a lot of storage space, it represents that the update problem for them.

Windows 10 1903 is coming and it's essential, but it carries a price.

Moreover, Paul thought revolted the kingdom of the expert in Windows, this step of Microsoft is going to open the door in front of requirements is much greater in the future, where he said: “I was surprised that it took so long to get to 32 gigabytes, I see that the minimum would be 64 gigabytes in the near future.”

So, if you have an older computer or don’t want to give up space to an additional 4,000 images each one the size of a 12 meg of RAM, then you should plan to update the operating system of your device to Windows 10, 1903.

Source: microsoft

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