Warning – games iPhone like Pubg and Fortnite don’t work well after update to iOS 13!

Games iPhone, famous adults such as my game Pubg and Fortnite and other games don’t work well after update to iOS 13 due to problems in the gestures and texts according to several reports.

تحذير - ألعاب الآيفون مثل Pubg و Fortnite لا تعمل جيداً بعد التحديث إلى iOS 13Warning – games iPhone like Pubg and Fortnite don’t work well after update to iOS 13

The developers of the game Fortnite advised players to stay away from updating to iOS 13 currently and wait until the solution to the problem, also the players Pubg watched an in-game notification about the problem with promise to solve it in collaboration with Apple.

Unfortunately there is currently no way to resolve the problem and complete the play naturally through the manipulation in the settings, etc. especially when you use three fingers to press the screen in a game like Pubg.

If you are an amateur games or you are facing the same problem all you have to do is wait until the launch of the iOS update 13.1 the sub over the next few days to fix that bug, causing ruin the playing experience on the iPhone.

These problems and other featured with every major update to iOS has not limited the problems on the games only, but includes the app and also just be sure to update your apps periodically now and during the next period.

Have you encountered any problems with games after the update to iOS 13’s?

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