Warnings about changing the battery of iphone

Can be the process of replacing the battery one of the ways to prolong the life of your iPhone older, but if you choose to use a third-party service instead of going directly to Apple or one of its suppliers accredited, you may have lost access to one of the important features provided by Apple to its customers, the “Battery Battery” a way to monitor the performance of your phone battery per day was introduced back in iOS 11.3, but will be restricted now, if you discover your phone battery is not installed by an Apple certified.

According to iFixIt users receive the message carrying this text “to check that the iPhone has a battery Apple original, correct information is not available for that battery”, if you go to the Apple Store or one of the service providers, Apple authorized replacement battery, you’ll be able to use this feature, and that’s only if you choose other service not recommended by Apple.

IPhones that applies it.

إذا كنت تخطط لتغيير بطارية iphone الخاص بك فإحذر من ذلك الأمر الخطير

Even now it seems that this change only affects the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, but is likely to become valid on the iPhone next operating system iOS 13 and after also.

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