Warnings of a new world of killer robots

Student experts digital television in artificial intelligence, belonging to the several states, the governments of the world to move to prevent development of killer robots, There of their danger in the future if it is not to prevent development at the current time.

Experts say, according to a report by the newspaper “Washington Post”, the smart weapons will increase the toll of victims in war, will face courts international laws and the difficulty in identifying the perpetrators, because associated with may be machine and not human.

Can military human discretion to allow them to take the decision after making sure of the absence of civilians, which is difficult to do armed robot pre-programmed to kill.

Provided senior experts and investors. technical field this week is the list signed by more than 2460 people and 160 institution, to demand the prevention of the employment of artificial intelligence in the field of shopping.

Included the list of signatories: Jean-Tallinn, one of the founders of WhatsApp, as well as a leading expert in the field of artificial intelligence Stuart Russell.

Artificial intelligence.. leads us to where?

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