#Wasserzug: the series Chernobyl, the plane is a wing and tyres without air

While everyone is discussing the sensational series about Chernobyl (by the way, here you can find a lot of material on the subject), others are not standing still — Vaughn took showed the aircraft wing (wait, what?) and tires without air chambers. So today there is a lot to talk about: made for you a little digest of the most interesting news of the week.

The plane is a wing

The Airbus and Boeing now have almost the same structure, the key elements of which are cigar-shaped fuselage with retractable landing gear located under the wings, the engines. The Dutch of KLM decided that it’s boring (and we know how they came to this is Amsterdam after all) and merged with the technical University of Delft to create the prototype aircraft with V-shaped wings, which in the future can replace all the existing aircraft.

Actually, it’s… the plane is a wing. He has virtually no visible edge between the fuselage and wings — it turns out that passengers will sit almost inside the wings themselves. The advantage of this design is that it reduces drag and increases lift.

How to manage it? Yet, it seems to me, even the dude from the movie “miracle on the Hudson” would not have been able to take him down. It is not surprising that the moment the plane exists only in the form of computer models. However, in October 2019, the engineers want to show the flying prototype. Well let’s see…

Tires without air

Don’t know about you, but I am tired of flat tires is the major headache associated with driving a car. But thanks to companies Michelin and General Motors (GM) announced a cooperative effort to improve technology, airless tires, it is a problem in a relatively short time may become a relic of the past.

They showed an airless tyre a new generation. They consist of an outer tread and the inner rim, between which is stretched a soft “spokes” from a mixture of composite rubber and polymer optical fiber. Cameras air here. These tires will reduce unsprung weight and increase the car’s range on a single charge.

Generally, the cool thing — these tires are not afraid of punctures, cuts and other damages, because they have no sealed chamber. Perhaps because of such buses will disappear completely the need for a spare wheel, which generally will make the car easier. But somehow I doubt that they will cope with Russian roads.

The electric car, which is not

Thank Tesla does not give the Russian car industry peace — out work on creation of the electric Monarch. Novelty will have artificial intelligence and can be recharged in minutes. Sounds cool? It seems so, but according to sources, the electric car will use graphene and magnesium batteries.

Yes, they have a greater range (up to 800 km), and up to 100 % they can be charged in a few minutes, only really working prototypes of such batteries just yet. Graphene-magnesium batteries exist on the level of drawings, but no more — yet no one was able to collect a working module. It seems that the engineers from Spain and the University of Cordoba a few years ago I developed a graphene battery new generation, but it showed that production was to begin in 2017, and things are there.

So it’s not even clear whether the Russian electric car so, as they say, or is the next project for its demonstration on the beautiful slides (by the way, they also don’t have).

As far as the series Chernobyl succeeds from the point of view of science?

After watching the TV series Chernobyl, many have wondered how he scores from the point of view of science. It turned out that some of the facts still cause distrust, in addition to chronological inaccuracies. For example, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was not powerful dosimeters, simply because no one imagined that this could happen.

There are other moments: to take the same fire, which raised a piece of graphite from the reactor for a few seconds, but after a time he would be taken away in an ambulance due to peeling hand skin. In reality, the application of radiation burns appear after 1-3 days after the lesion. Also in one scene of the series shows how a green forest suddenly became rusty-red. In reality this was not the case. More precisely, it took a few days, not several hours after the accident.

Despite some inaccuracies, the series is still interesting — you can see it in one breath. Discuss Chernobyl and other news of the past week in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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