Watch how to make Samsung Galaxy Note9 in the interests of her [video]

Use Samsung to start charging her smartphone the newest Galaxy Note9 as of tomorrow, Friday, and on this occasion published the police video displays us how you made each module of the phone.

It shows in the video that do not exceed a duration of 44 seconds factory that makes the phone, and the stages of the assemble, including installation of the screen, and make sure that it works. It appears from the video that everything is done automatically.

This video of Samsung days after the publication of the report of media of Korea reported that pre-orders of the Galaxy Note9 outperformed the counterparts the Galaxy S9 which was launched earlier this year.

Reported that Korean telecom company SK Telecom that a copy of the 512 GB of the Galaxy Note9 had a return larger compared to the other, as the rate was more than 50%.

With regard to color, the fabric blue with stylus pen Yellow the most, according to company SK Telecom, to overtake the other colors, namely, violet, copper, and black.

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Blog watch how to make Samsung Galaxy Note9 in the interests of her was first deployed in the are.

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