Watch live: Russian cosmonauts spacewalk

Today, August 15 is planned spacewalk the two Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Sergei Prokopyeva. Artemyev for this output will be the third, Prokop the first place. While working on Board the ISS, the astronauts will launch multiple nanosatellites will install on the ISS a new scientific equipment, and will complete the experiment with the germs.

The estimated duration of the planned work of astronauts in outer space is 6 hours and 10 minutes, according to the official website of Roscosmos. In addition, it became known that Russian cosmonauts will work in a new generation of spacesuits “Orlan-ISS”.

In the framework of the spacewalk, Oleg Artemyev and Sergei Prokopieva will perform the dismantling of the “traps” of cosmic dust, which may contain extraterrestrial organisms. The equipment was installed on the hull of the Russian segment of ISS in 2017. The samples will be later send to Earth for further study. The objective of this experiment is to understand the time constraints of the viability of the microorganisms in the outer space to solve the question of their origin.

In addition, Russian cosmonauts will install on the ISS a new scientific equipment of the ICARUS project (International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space). The project is aimed at monitoring the migrations of wild animals.

Also cosmonauts will manually launch four scientific educational nanosatellite: “Serioussam” №1 and №2, developed by students of the educational center “Sirius” and two spacecraft “Tanya-SWSU”, developed by the South-West state University (SWSU).

The live broadcast of the spacewalk by Russian cosmonauts will be possible to look at the website of Roskosmosa. The broadcast begins at 18:45 Moscow time.

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