Watch out … malicious software to steal messages “WhatsApp” and spy on conversations the user


Discovered by researchers at security software Spy highly advanced able to steal messages WhatsApp and tapping on the location information of the users, it could be that malware business on a large scale on the people, forcing their phones to record sounds and videos and capture images without the knowledge of the user, in addition to stealing text messages and call logs, this happens “without arousing suspicion”.

The web site “the independent” British, that the new software name Skygofree, but it’s not affiliated with Sky or any of their products, as do not affect the service Sky Go, and by the researchers in the company “Kaspersky Lab” as one of the most malicious software that is planted inside the smart phones, it incorporates a number of advanced features that are unprecedented, which can give the attacker full remote control in the source device.


One of the most important features of this software is the ability to steal messages WhatsApp, by to take advantage of the Accessibility Services on Android phones, which means they do not benefit from any weaknesses within the Messaging app itself, although they require special permission from the victim to steal the letter, it can be achieved by a simple con.

The researchers suggest that software Skygofree can also eavesdrop on the surrounding conversations and noises when the machine enters the source location specific, they are able to turn the phone’s microphone source after being forced to record everything that’s going on around him, the researchers found 48 of the various commands that can be executed by the attackers.

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