Watch Phone Oppo Find X2 Pro is subject to various tests of rigidity

Oppo Find X2 Pro --

In the last period, we saw many of the smart phones relating to tests torture, including the test of scratching and tuck, the latest phone Nubia Red Magic 5G. Having said that, I have decided to channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube subjugation of the phone Oppo Find X2 Pro for these tests also to see how the ability of this phone to move.

In the test, scratching it turns out that the screen of the phone Oppo Find X2 Pro is not easy to scratch so that they can’t for keys and coins scratch it when they are together with this equipment in the pocket of the user. However, I used the company for Oppo framework of knowledge, this means easily scratched this part of the phone in the case if you did not use the protective cap.

In view of the structure of the phone buttons, they are made of metal. Included test scratching the back of the phone which turns out to be non-scratch easily even though it is covered with artificial. The lens of the primary camera at the back covered with a layer of glass which makes them non-scratch easily also.

In the test of war, keep the phone Oppo Find X2 Pro for about 40 seconds before the start of the pixels in the screen turn to white color, but fortunately don’t stay on that bus forever. As for the test of bending, it turns out that the phone Oppo Find X2 Pro solid is very similar to many of the leading handsets available in the market today, this means that it is not breakable easily.

It seems that thousands of tests, the durability of which has undergone no phone Oppo Find X2 Pro has proved its worth, and we can considered simply one of smartphones most durable in the market currently. However, we still recommend the features of this phone by putting it in a protective covering if they wish to maintain it better.

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