Watch that computer MacBook Pro with 16 inch New coming processors Intel the ninth generation

A new report indicates to analysts that the computer MacBook Pro with 16 inches of Apple this year will be equipped with processors of the ninth generation of Intel.

According to analyst company IHS, Markit, Jeff Lin, the MacBook Pro 16 inch which has been redesigned to increase at the rate Intel of the ninth generation. This new laptop expected to launch sometime before the end of 2019, but Apple has not yet commented on the mobile device until now.

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Available lane, should also start advertising for a new machine in the month of September. If this is the case, you can start the laptop on its design in early October of this year.

Speaking of other rumors about the new governor, it is said that the MacBook Pro 16 inch will contain on the edges of the screen is less in size, which provides more display space to the company without the need to increase the size of the device at all.

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