Watched the first selfie in history

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شاهد أول صورة سيلفي في التاريخWatched the first selfie in history

In this week, on the sidelines of one of the exhibitions of the British interested in the art of photography, appeared one of the first personal photo (selfie) taken at all.

The image appeared after 130 years of captured by the inventor of the innovative, the photos were black and white as you see the top of this writing, by the engineer Washington Tisdale dating to the nineteenth century in front of the monastery devastating in 1883.

According to the source , it seems that Tisdale has put the camera in place in the face of the rubble then sat on the seat in time to include it in the picture

And a piece of history fascinating, that’s one of the oldest examples of someone taking a picture of what to include is subjective, which is what has been updated through the ages to get to the photo selfie as we know it currently .

The image display this week at the Museum of the Leeds Industrial Park, only two miles from the monastery of Crest, where the photo was taken.

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