Watching Facebook lose Mark Zuckerberg’s $ 31 million

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مشاكل فيسبوك تفقد مارك زوكربيرج 31 مليار دولار

Dip the arrangement of Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, from being the third richest person in the world to sixth place, according to the Bloomberg index for billionaires Bloomberg Billionaires, where has mark $ 31 billion of his fortune since the beginning of the year, and why so to lower the share price of Facebook, which reached the lowest level since April of last year, making the company’s market capitalization up to $ 401 million.

Illustrate the wealth of Mark Zuckerberg oscillating direction of a broader and more worrisome among the major technology companies, came greater volatility in his wealth after rising in July to a little less than $ 90 million, while now reached approximately $ 55.3 million, and the exposure of Zuckerberg and his company Facebook under harsh criticism this year after the scandals of the participation of the user information through a third party, and their participation is doubtful in regard to the Russian intervention in the US presidential election for 2016.

One mark letter sent by members of the Senate inquired about the relationship of Facebook with the company Definers Public Affairs for public relations, came the message from Amy close, Amy Klobuchar, Mark Warner, Mark Warner, Chris Kwon, Chris Coons, and Richard Blumenthal Richard Blumenthal, which asked to answer a set of questions to clarify recent news reports.

Said letter members of the Senate: “according to recent reports, it has hired your company to the contractors for the dissemination of information enticing and deliberately about the people who have criticized Facebook, which, if not disclosed properly, it may have an impact on campaign financing and other potential legal implications, in addition to that, the enormous amount of data collected by Facebook about all of the users and persons who did not participate in the product concern that the company has used its financial resources and big data inappropriately or illegally against the government officials and critics of seeking to protect the public and our democracy”.

She explained the giant social networking it will be their relationship with the company Definers Public Affairs Public Relations that Washington-based, considering that the PR company had encouraged members of the press to search in the funding of the “Freedom from Facebook”, a group of activists who called for the division of a technology company on the grounds of antitrust.

She said Facebook she wants to prove that this campaign is not a popularity campaign, which is funded by the investor George Soros George Soros, which is openly critical of Facebook in spite of owning shares in the company, has been criticized Mark Zuckerberg recently due to the Russian intervention on Facebook, he testified before the US Congress in the month of April to show that the issue is not that Facebook has spotted a Russian intervention too late.

He pointed mark to the team Facebook may move as fast as you can to correct use of the product when you notice the presence of tamper Ross, and a few days ago about the incident, saying that the company wanted to find the truth, and that anything indicating otherwise is incorrect, as the company suffered earlier this year of the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica, coupled with declining growth rates.

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