Way download apps Google Play is not available

Expect some apps and games possible exclusively to users from certain countries before extending it to the rest of the world, lags typically access those applications for the Middle East, but there is a simple solution around it.

All there is to convince the Play Store that you reside within the boundaries of the state in which the application or game, and could be implemented easily through the services the default location (VPN), here’s the truth.

First: get the location services default

If you don’t have VPN application, enter the same letters in the search Google Play, and select one of the free apps available.

Secondly: delete the data of the Play Store

Go to your device settings, and look for the Applications section, then find the Play App Store, and click on it. In the next window, drag down until you find the button to force stop the app (Force Stop) and click on it. Then click on the button to delete data (Clear Data).

Third: set the location of the geographic, fake

By the application that you installed in the first step, choose the default location is appropriate, the state in which the application or game.

Fourth: a change of state within the Play Store

After the previous steps, may change the location automatically within the Play Store, for example, you will notice that the currency of payment for paid apps has changed.

The has not changed, and the side menu Store Play, choose Account and then choose the state within the Department of state and personal files, where will be shown two options: the state in which it was given and you set VPN application, which must be tested to determine the applications available exclusively for it.

Noticeable final: you will be prompted to add payment method local to the country you chose if you had a Gmail account associated Play Store with a means of payment, and beyond that, you can and before the fourth step is to add a Gmail account to a new or another did not add to the means of electronic payment.

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Thus you can easily reach the link to the app or game that isn’t available in your country then loaded in the usual way.

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