Way to change the color of the Android system 10

Arrived system Android 10 with theme-dark or dark, to be the first operating system in the world provides water officially, since it will allow developers of third-party apps, according to Google will be a key factor to conserve battery power in phones with OLED by up to 60%, but it is convenient to work, whether they actually make stylish or not.

Not only that, but the Android 10 offers options to change the color of the system, instead of the default blue, which when text is selected or run a test from the Quick Settings receive them, can choose between several colors to show the system.

Will be for Android users 10, then the colors can be choose as the color essential of the system, most notably the Blue default, brown, black, green, purple.. how about if the color change system these services?.

1 – Go to settings of your device.

2 – drag down to the option About phone (About phone) and click on it.

3 – Click on the Android version (Android version) and click on it.

4 – Click on the version number (build number) seven times, and even the on-screen message stating that you now have developer settings.

5 – go back to the settings menu key again.

6 – are directed to the system partition (System) and click on it.

7 – Select the advanced option (Advanced).

8 – and then choose Developer Options (Developer options).

9 – drag down until you find the option to color the system, or (Accent Color) click on it.

10 – then you will see a list of color options that can be set as the basic color of the system.

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