Way to convert video AVI to MP4

If you have an AVI video don’t forget to run it even if I tried it on another device? Probably this version is not supported not only on your device but most devices support MP4 only, so , if you are looking for a way to run this video on devices that don’t support this format, will it take you to convert the format of video-convert AVI to MP4 , it will be done without sacrificing the quality of the video, here are the best ways for this purpose.

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What is the AVI format

Is AVI one of the video formats most frequently used, but it does not support all of the hardware is less popular than MP4. So you may want to convert your videos to MP4 which is the video format of the famous to share videos or watch them on the laptop and even the smartphones that are running Android and iPhone and iPad etc.

The following are two ways you can easily convert AVI files to MP4 without the knowledge of the transfer coordination, and maintain the same quality and original by 100%.

The first way: use WonderShare Uniconverter


First will do the add AVI videos to the program mentioned in the title of the paragraph is WonderShare UniConverter: then the following is performed

  • Open the program you have downloaded.
  • After this is done click on Add Files and after you select the AVI file you want to convert to MP4.
  • Then do the converts from AVI to MP4 format
  • Will be first press on the arrow that looks like its direction to down near Convert all tasks to.
  • After that select the tab of the Video even different version MP4 .
  • And then select video from the right.
  • Then click Convert and the app will start to download.

How to access video as new

After doing an analysis of the video of course you want to access after the conversion process, and do the following :

  • Click on the folder icon in front of the option to Output the ” find in ribbon down the program “.أداة Uniconverter

The second way: use the tool Uniconverter online

  • Move to the location of Online Uniconverter.
  • Click on the + sign to select AVI files and filed.
  • Then select the file and click on Convert to download.
  • And finally download the file on the device.


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