Way to copy a table from Word to PowerPoint

Of using the Word to provide project and unable to create a table of professional it or only they can do a simple table and want to make it professional, can use PowerPoint to modify the existing table in pink.

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The project requires not only the creation of the table you want it on pink and then copy and paste it directly into PowerPoint your

In the next method we will explain how to copy the table in Word and then paste it in PowerPoint.

Way to copy a table from Word to PowerPoint

  • We create a table in File pink.
  • After that we run the PowerPoint program.
  • Select the existing table in the Word file by moving the mouse pointer at the top of the table then define the symbol as in the picture.

  • Or you can replace this movement for the empty place at the table instead of tab, then click on Layout , and explain that.

  • Through Table Table click on the option to Select.
  • After selecting it will show you the list of tops specifically on this option Select Table.

  • After you do specifically on this option to select the table, go to tab home page , any Home .
  • After that click on copy to Copy.
  • Then go to the PowerPoint presentation and open the slide even new plastered walls where.
  • Select the space you want for the desired paste it into this slide.
  • Tab key press paste .
  • You will see the appearance of the table in your presentation in PowerPoint.

The advantages of paste the table into PowerPoint

  • Way fit over are looking for professional in the work tables, where through a copy of the table in the presentation you can count on better.
  • Also, this method is easier and faster in the process tables, because the table on the PowerPoint needs the time for more tools, while vice versa in Word.

Another way to copy a table from Word to PowerPoint slide directly

  • Open your presentation and click on Create a table and format.
  • Then copy the table from word and paste it in the slide of the existing presentation to which you coordinate in the display, it shows the table to coordinate pre-existing.


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