Way to Disable button Baker in Samsung phones

Came button Baker my first time to Samsung phones with the Galaxy S8, and since the users are looking for ways to disable it, to avoid calling the plugin by default when you click on the button by mistake, especially since Baker is not considered, – the assistant to Google like.

However, here we use a method to disable the button Bixby on all Samsung phones, the beginning of the Galaxy S8 and even S9 and Note 8/9, and theS10 , andNote 10.

This directory depends on the devices run the Android System 9 (One UI) – they got the update already to all phones Galaxy S and Note launched through 2017 to today. As the steps vary in phones Note 10 which incorporates the Baker and my right-operating; they don’t need to then login to Samsung account.

First disable the beacon on the S8/S9/S10 & Note 8/9

While preventing One UI disable Bixby entirely on these devices, there is a solution about that; it made the launch of the Bixby by double-clicking the button and not for once, which is what happens from a call assistant as a result of clicking by mistake. Before proceeding in steps, first you must sign in to your Samsung:

1 – Click on the button Bixby and click on the arrow button.

2. Enter Samsung account, or create a Samsung Account; and enter the necessary data and agree to the terms and then activate the account.

3. if a window appears that advises you using the source energy of life, so I ignore it by clicking “not now”. And click on the arrow button after it.

4 – accept the terms of the Samsung and click on the arrow button next, and for the last time Click on the arrow button or skip when you are asked the definition of bacon on your voice.

5 – After Your Call account Samsung previous steps; refer to home page and click on the Settings icon from the Notification Center.

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6 – Enter on Advanced settings and then the button Bixby and then choose double click to open Bixby.


This can be your from the settings page of double-clicking to activate Baker to allocate one click to open another application.


Secondly give the Baker a Note 10

Call Baker My be for prolonged on the play button in the case of Note 10, income on the page, be double clicking on the button, can disable it from Settings:

1 – open the Notification Center away from the top of the screen.

2 – Click on the play button in the Quick Settings.

3. in the playlist select: the settings sidebar button.

4 – then select disable double click to invoke the plugin, or choose to open another application or launch the camera from the option of double-clicking. For to click prolonged, you can customize it to call the playlist only.

Thirdly remove the page Baker from all devices

1 – long press in empty space on the Home screen.

2 – drag the left screen (the screen of Bixby), and then pass the tape on top.


Source Android Central

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