Way to protect a Facebook account – steps a must to secure your account

طريقة حماية حساب الفيسبوك - خطوات لابد منها لتأمين حسابك

Especially from Facebook accounts that have owners responsible for the billion pages or something that details when hacked will be subjected to the whole account of significant harm financially and morally.
To lose your account due to a breach of one of the weak people or pics when you try them for their ability to embezzle the privacy of others, is is very the hassle in the time you don’t able to retrieve the account by conventional methods provided by the Facebook status of the preparation of the security the default.

I’m working to secure your account by following the traditional steps, become a necessity regardless of the significance of the account and its powers, I shut the door in front of those that review their abilities through not technical provided by you on the Messenger in an effort to steal the user name and password which soon, like they change them immediately to enable them to entry.
It’s impossible to retrieve the account in many cases.

How to protect Facebook account

The first of those steps is to work on activating the feature control when Two-Factor Authentication.

This alone would be sufficient to protect the account from theft and hack can anyone from logging into your account, even if I managed to steal email login or phone number and password.
You when you activate this feature I used the code you sent by Facebook to your mobile phone and your.

This step can’t be bypassed unless we enter the code that will be issued to the phone of the Account Holder a move that is not accessible to the thief in any way.

To activate the feature work protection Two-Factor Authentication login to your account, including to “security log” or Security and login.
When you activate the feature verification step of sending the code to the phone will Wizard holidays to retain your identity on this device and will not send the code at each login as long as you use the same computer or same mobile phone.

Will only do it I found that the login process is made from another device or geographical area.

The extra step friends reliable to your account to secure it and get it back. how long has the process to hack and change the data

Steps are secondary and necessary may have to resort to it if someone hacked your account and you can login. You’ll find that Facebook will depend entirely on these friends trusted to know them and them from you’re the account owner and you Facebook options to restore the stolen account.

This step useful and come in priority after the control feature previously mentioned.

Add friends trusted to be of help to you when you lose your data login to your account. Head to Settings and from there to security settings and log in.

Select ” Choose friends to contact them in case of lock your account, and add 3 friends at least write their names and then press “confirm”.

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