Way to restore your money Google Play after purchasing an app or game

The policy of Google is very simple to recover your money paid to buy a game or app from the Play Store on Android devices: you can recover full payment for any reason within two hours of buying the app or game, you can also request a restore for logical reasons by Google within 48 hours, after that have the option to retrieve the funds in the hands of the developers.

To retrieve what you paid during the two hours:

  • Open the application Play Store
  • Enter the menu and then my account
  • Select the game or app you paid your money
  • Then click on the button “refund” or Refund
  • Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen until I uninstall the app

If the period of two hours has elapsed, will not appears button to return the money, and instead of them will appear button to uninstall.

To request a refund within 48 hours:

  • Enter on this link from the web browser
  • Swipe down from the date of demand, and find the order you want cancelled
  • Click on the more button
  • Then click on request a refund
  • Complete data requirements with an emphasis that you want to restore the money

To deal with the Application Developer or the game:

The only solution to find information in the description of the app or game.

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