Way to save the status of WhatsApp of the phone

The “WhatsApp” are those set by the user for 24 hours show all contacts, so everyone can see it, and this case after a full day of publication, usual according to the default settings for that user can not save the situation on the phone and even when reviewed by WhatsApp Web.

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This prepared us for our day which we can talk about the way to save the status of WhatsApp of the phone and watch them later, including the process of keeping cases “videos and photos” and everything fits on the impress the user of situations that merit retention.

You will know two ways to save any state on the account, you can use one in case it didn’t work the other.

طريقة حفظ حالات واتساب من الهاتف

Way to save the status of WhatsApp of the phone

The first way is easier in terms of development where they can download any quality of the original through the use of a third-party application, this application shall in turn recognize all the cases that ever I did see them before and then displays it to you with the availability of the option to save them to your phone with ease.

This app is completely free and available to download on all phones Android.

Download the app


The functioning of the application Status Saver to improve the situation of WhatsApp is the following :

  • Do download the app from the direct link located above.
  • Run the app and allow it access to the memory storage of the phone.
  • Allow it to do so have full powers and can save the cases.
  • Is reached WhatsApp display cases to be saved by pressing the Status Saver.

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  • The application says to submit cases in two of the first cases of images and the second instances of the video.
  • Download be clicking on the case then click on Save.
  • Who wants to save more of the event once you just click on the image and hold then click on Save.

الطريقة الثانية لحفظ حالات WhatsApp

The second way to save the status of WhatsApp

This method does not require you to download any apps on your phone, and based her idea on the following :

  • Watch Case fact by itself makes the phone saves it for twenty-four hours in the Violet hidden in the phone.
  • The file that saves the status displays in the phone in the name of the Statuses.
  • You can access this area by logging to internal memory of the phone.
  • Then login to File Manager or File Manager virtual.
  • After it is enabled show hidden files, memory Mobile from by clicking on Settings .
  • After that is access to Internal Storage.
  • Including the orientation to the folder WhatsApp.
  • Then do open it, after opening the board you will find a folder another named Media.
  • Get into it you will find Statuses which is where all the cases that I have seen on WhatsApp.
  • You can select the command and copy it and then transfer it to another place on the phone before the process of deletion which is done automatically after 24 hours.


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