Way to send large files, download the program Filemail file-sharing of size 50 GB

Download the program Filemail to transfer large files

We touched on the programme of WeTransfer for sending and sharing large files quickly and easily available for various platforms which provide the service as long as we need it, away from the traditional methods and knowledge, such as division of files and rejected parts via chat applications or provided through the sites upload files that can not be suitable for sensitive files and data that it contains , the program Filemail is another competitor of the potential of better especially at the level of the size of the files which supports exchange, and is a favorite for exchanging huge files is one of the good choices in companies and institutions , It’s one of the best options and offers his service free in also available of the paid version with the biggest and best of the.

  • General information about the program Filemail

تطبيق تبادل الملفات الكبيرة
The application of the exchange of large files

Like rival application is available in the original on the form of website that you can access it from any browser and use the service without registration, which was established in 2008.

With the passage of years made the company to launch apps for its service, to provide the program Filemail for each of the computers in addition to smartphones, including the iPhone and Android as well as tablet computers.

Have currently service over a million customers or users and they share and send up to 500 terabytes per month.


  • Why people love the program Filemailis?

مميزات برنامج Filemail
Features of the program Filemail

Is faster and hassle free compared to participate through drives cloud and a number of other services including instant messaging applications.

It is the simplest of the analysis to the services of file hosting sites and upload the files.

No limits to file size, especially for participants in the paid plans, unlike other services.

Won’t force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything.

Integrates seamlessly with email services the most famous.

He has the speed to transfer files and data better than other services.

Offers custom branding and other features of the corporate.


  • Features of the program Filemail to send and share large file size of 50 GB

تحميل برنامج Filemail
Download the program Filemail

Comes app or service on different devices with one software easy to use and doesn’t require registration to upload files and send them, you can send files through e-mail directly through the service or that you get a link to the file sender and send it to the person who want to get it through instant messaging applications.

The program supports Filemail upload pictures and videos and send them, and you can specify more than one file or picture and send it easily.

Possible that we can find in the app is that it supports preview of images and videos after it was sent and anyone can get a link to download those files that you sent them.

On the other hand, provides you the Application log files that you sent to return to it and find different files that you uploaded through the service to send.

Can download files in Offline mode on the app, when you receive a link to download the files through the service and that the e-mail or Messaging apps will open the link in the app if it exists on your device.

You can raise an infinite number of applications, files, documents, videos and photos and share them easily with friends and at work for free, and should not exceed the size of the file due to 50 GB.

The app supports many languages and surprise that the Arab in these services is what makes it of the best apps for file sharing in the Middle East and North Africa.

Files remain on the service for a week before being destroyed itself a long good, on the other hand, the service works on the basis of the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts communications and tracking operations on the service and its applications.

Link to download the program Filemail to send and share large file size of 50 GB

You can get features best with this program of sending larger files or without borders with a monthly subscription of up to the value of $ 15 which you prefer usually institutions and companies.

Also we find that the feature File Protection password and receive files, add contacts and sign the mail and the survival of the files for a longer time are the benefits of an Enterprise Edition.

The free version designed for individuals and you can use it without problems.



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