Way to turn an old phone into a surveillance camera

Way to turn an old phone into a surveillance camera

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If you have an old phone, it doesn’t mean at all that you can’t use it, as these phones are equipped with sensors, cameras, and many of the techniques, regardless of how long they will remain useful to users, then this article will make you rather get rid of them or sell them for a lower price than what you bought it to be able to re-use it, it saves you buying equipment or cameras expensive.

For example if you want to create a recording and clear sound on your computer you can use the old phone to microphone of the computer, or the like if you want to monitor a place remotely, such as monitoring your children or small as you want to get an alert in case a thief sneaking into your home, you can take advantage of mobile old in the work of the surveillance camera remotely.

تطبيق Alfred Home Security Camera

Way to turn an old phone into a surveillance camera

We will use the application Alfred Home Security Camera

  • It’s the best Android app trusted lets you turn your old phone or tablet to the camera home surveillance or baby monitor, or camera senior care with the features very useful.
  • Apart from providing remote surveillance in real time, it uses the possibilities of the night vision camera under the lighting conditions are harsh, as it covers a larger area with both lenses, it uses built-in sensors to detect motion.
  • It also lets you do some things like turn the flash back, switch to front camera, etc. remotely.
  • The app provides the service of cloud storage free where you can keep photos and videos recorded during the monitoring process.
  • Generally, it is a useful app we recommend using it if you want to turn your phone into a surveillance camera without any additional cost.

The way you use the application Alfred Home Security Camera in switching the phone camera

Easy to prepare and adjust the Camera Alfred Home Security because the used method is not difficult even if you are not familiar with the technology. All you have to do is download the app and install it on your current phone through the direct link. After running it for the first time, you will see the use of this device as a screen, through which you can select the option “Viewer so that this phone is being monitored remotely.

  • After clicking the button “start to use or Get started”, you are prompted to log in with the Google account registered on your phone, so click on the “login using Google”.
  • Then allow the application to access to your account by clicking on “Allow”. After this step is completed, you can exit the app until you set up the app on the old phone.
  • On Android smartphone old, the download link and download the application Alfred Home Security Camera also. But this time after running it the appearance of the screen.

طريقة تحويل الهاتف القديم الى كاميرا مراقبة

Continued way to convert the old phone into surveillance camera

  • Select the second option because this phone will act as a surveillance camera fixed at home or anywhere you want to watch it . In general.
  • Click on the button “start” and then button “login with Google” to log in to the same Google account you were logged into when you run the app on your current phone. Watch “must be the same account”.
  • After logging in successfully, you will see a “congratulations” message stating that this phone has become a camera monitor and you can track it remotely from your phone first.
  • After pressing the “OK” button, will the camera but there are some options that you may need to know below
  • By clicking on the lock button, going to be the screen to save the battery when the process of registration.
  • You can also switch from the rear camera to the cemetery, or activate the motion sensor which should detect any movement during registration.
  • In general, can also control these options by phone, which is the process of observation of them.



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