Way to work formate the memory card on the phone Galaxy Note 10 plus!

Features phone the Galaxy Note 10 plus for version smaller Note 10 the possibility of adding an external memory card “microSD” to him, although the phone enjoy with large internal storage 256 GB or 512 GB.

طريقة عمل فورمات لبطاقة الذاكرة على هاتف جالكسي نوت 10 بلسWay to work formate the memory card on the phone Galaxy Note 10 plus

Which supports the Galaxy Note 10 Plus card external memory up to 1 TB, which provides a total storage capacity up to 1.5 TB it is large capacity may not be able to a lot of users filled in fully during the period of their use of the phone.

However, some users may need to re-format the memory card in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, either upon first use or just their desire in the work of the forex does not, so we will see you in the next lines work way to formate the memory card on the phone Galaxy Note 10 plus.

The first step: open the application pressing “Settings”, then scroll until the option “body care device” “Device Care”.

Step two: click on the option “place of storage” “Storage” at the bottom of the screen, then select SD card.

Step two: click on the three dots in the upper left corner of the phone and select Settings Storage “Storage Settings”

Step four: Settings Storage select format “Format”.

Will warn you the phone that you are about to erase all the content stored on the microSD card, if you still need to copy your data backed up you can copy it now. Otherwise confirm the process and finalize by clicking Create.

In this way you are finished with the work of formate memory card phone Galaxy Note 10 plus.

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