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How can you watch live TV on Instagram instagram live

Added feature live Instagram recently, and enabled by most of the Arab states recently , that the water that caused a stir among users of Instagram from the moment of appearance of the news B Instagram adds feature the live broadcast of instagram live , Where is very important and extra positives instagram, which is more social network known and used .

I liked this feature all users of the social network, especially celebrities of them being better and easier ways to interact with the public in a quick and spontaneous , after the uproar caused by a feature story story that enabled her Instagram and I think its a lot it’s a steal to network users communicate Snapchat .

Being the first to distinguish the idea of the story and communicate the immediate and provisional , now you can also use the streaming and live video Instagram portal live Instagram easily and with high quality gives you any network Instagram by entering the Instagram and follow the steps that we will explain in this topic , so I find a lot looking for a way to work live on Instagram and how do live in the Instagram , Here in this section of our site how technique after we talked earlier about Download Application Instagram, how to login to Instagram and many of the articles that people need about applying Instagram the world will mention here the explanation of the steps to work of instagram live easily images .

The advantage of broadcast video direct to Instagram has been launched a short while ago to offer a range of account only in United States but now can anyone do a video broadcast of the match through the camera of his phone easily and got the water available to all states and all users of the application Instagram .

What is the Instagram for the last update?

Become Instagram famous one of the social networks adopted by most of the users of social media, and became possessed of the characteristic of Miss Facebook, Snap Chat and Twitter .

There is no doubt that networking social networking has spread across the world and became one of the things that are indispensable to all users, whether large or small , and from some of the most used programs in the social media program Instagram instagram is highly prevalent in all over the world .

This program is a program specialist in the field of dissemination of various images across mobile devices , it also allows you to program the job properties the hashtag for the consideration of the photo and see all the friends and interested with you , it also allows you to program the work on the enumeration of various photos of your hair to suit you where in the program many of the tools and techniques to help so in a way that facilitates the process of image processing and the different influences we have.

As to the program instagram, which appeared in the world 2010 at San Francisco State, the U.S. wins today, the number of users billion users and all of them are working rapidly for their photo published on the most beautiful image ,all you have to do is download the application Instagram instagram and account Instagram you can post pictures and videos and see and broadcast live directly to your followers for entry to the program and raise the volume and the amendment and processed in minutes , How can work preparation and especially for posting photos that you post on Facebook at the expense of Instagram and auto-and a lot of the nurses the other .

How can you watch live TV on Instagram is?

How do live in Instagram is?

Feature to stream videos on Instagram you can access through the button to publish a photo or video new you can choose the camera and you will see the option to create a live broadcast.

Instagram made some changes in the broadcast video compared to the social media site Facebook where like once broadcast, it disappears permanently and no one can see it from New including the person who created and appear in the same place the appearance of videos story , and added a service is also a feature that allows you to access videos, the most direct follow-up in the country or around the world .

Users can start broadcasting live to your followers directly in the application Instagram today, that supports Broadcasting up to a full hour for the followers, and then when you’re finished filming a video is deleted directly and final.

And a feature to delete a video that is broadcast directly in the application Instagram, one of the nurses that the application of Snapchat from the beginning, which is different from feature streaming video in Facebook app, which lets the user choose between delete or save the video after the broadcast, however, the application of Instagram supports the user in the idea of the live broadcast at any time with choose to follow to experience more strain.

فيديو بث مباشر انستقرام
Broadcast video directly to Instagram

Watch the live broadcast with your friends via private messages

I’ve launched Instagram recently one of the more special with a live broadcast on the app so as to enhance the appearance of this more and increase the views and interaction on your video among all users .

Now you can send your live stream to your friends via private messages, Direct Messages as soon as you start the broadcast you will see in the code the live broadcast to offer to send it to all your friends .

This idea doesn’t include broadcast direct only, but includes any live TV on Instagram for example, if you found your player or your favorite artist says to broadcast directly on Instagram you can directly send airtime to friends on special to see broadcast .

مشاركة اللايف مع الاصدقاء
The participation of Lat with friends

Hosting a friend in the broadcast live Instagram !

The Instagram recently implemented a new feature, which is hosted by one of your friends in a live broadcast to be able to run a video feed between you and the person directly infuse in front of all the stores , with the knowledge that this water is most prominent in the social network younow that you think of one of the networks that caused a stir .

Now this feature on Instagram and this new update gives users the video recording of the live broadcast and invite anyone to watch.
Where Badr from Instagram in a post on her blog:

Adding a guest during the live broadcast easy, it can be done simply by clicking on the new icon that appears in the bottom right corner

اضافة صديق على لايف الانستقرام
Extra friend on the live Instagram
add friend with instagram live
add friend with instagram live

Then click Add the Add to invite anyone watching the broadcast back then, and when you add a friend, the screen is divided into two parts, shows the owner of the live streaming at the top and the guest at the bottom as shown in the pictures you can that easily .

اختر ضيف لايف الانستقرام
Choose guest live Instagram
live instagram
live instagram
تمت اضافة صديق في البث المباشر
Has been added as a friend in the live broadcast

And let’s also remove the person to infuse and add another at any time, as Can company called also the withdrawal of the broadcast when he wants, with the completion of the live broadcast can watch the video in the feature story, or choose to ignore to remove the video from the app.
And while the use of this feature, the two circles two will appear together in the bar story, the users of the application of pressure on the icon to watch, and interact by commenting or admiring during follow-up .


We don’t know if this is extra of Instagram in the last update you will find Echo and the turnout which I think in the updates and additions to Instagram or not ! But this feature or service has got to impress millions of users in today’s program Nao and the acclaimed large which encourages their use and development in Instagram .

Download Instagram instagram

Despite the availability of live streaming to all users of the application Instagram, but you have to make sure you have the last update from the application of the Instagram, any you have to make sure you have the latest version of the application Instagram on your mobile phone to take advantage of features newly added and be able to broadcast directly to Instagram if you don’t update the application Instagram Your you now you have to update the app or download the app latest from here , in the new update for the application will notice the appearance of a new feature we have and that appeared to many users around the world , This feature is Stories and is the property that will enter through it on the live broadcast, which became available to the newly users of Instagram

Download update application Instagram

Entry Instagram Instagram login

You can register in Instagram by connecting with Facebook account Facebook account through the Facebook app directly and just one click will make your account Instagram know photos on the Instagram page through this topic : shopping in Instagram and set up an account Instagram

Many users of Instagram are losing their accounts due to theft or hack pay attention to privacy settings and edit and find a way to secure the account Instagram of the speed grade and know how to restore the account to Instagram hacker, or deleted

Visit museums in the account Instagram

You know the best ways to council increase the number of fluorescent excreted and increase followers Instagram through this article page explaining how to increase followers Instagram : to increase the number of followers Instagram free

Explain the feature story story instagram

You know the Deal How do you make a story at the expense of Instagram pictures : action steps story and explain the feature story in Instagram

طريقة عمل انستقرام ستوري
Way Instagram story.

Explain the method of operation feature the live broadcast in Instagram instagram live

Users can Instagram feature is activated the live broadcast of the video through the section of stories in the app, so lets choose Live to start photographic and broadcast direct to your followers, and followers to comment directly on the video that is broadcast in the app, also the user can show the comments so that it can be seen from all the stores or block comments completely.

How to do live TV in Instagram

The first step : after doing based login and open your account on Instagram, make sure you’re using the last update of the application Instagram instagram

The third step : to be able to work live Instagram open Page home page the events that follow them another to tell people who you follow through the pictures and videos

عمل بث مباشر في الانستقرام
The work of live in Instagram – how to do live TV in Instagram

The second step : when you open the page is the latest news you will find the camera icon top of the screen, click on it to imagine the story or Avidemux video or live TV Instagram

طريقة تسجيل فيديو بث مباشر في الانستقرام
Method of recording broadcast video directly in Instagram

Step four : select the Item live Pass screen to show you screen photography live video the beginning introduces you to the alert he will notice all of the follow-up to let you have a moment it seemed filmed live video from your account , too, will be the disappearance of the video immediately after the breach of sanctity of the live broadcast and not be able to any of your friends or followers Instagram than watch him again , if you want to save a picture or video story before it is published you will find the arrow icon to download to save on the phone memory

Click on the icon start to look a video live streaming

كيف اسوي بث مباشر في الانستقرام
How to do live TV in Instagram

Way video work Boomerang

The beginning is a new property in the application of Instagram allows you the possibility of making a short video Boomerang just after opening the store swiping the screen to the right or drag to the right and here I show you a new feature that allows you to analyse a set of images into a short video , you can video Boomerang just as you export the video story by clicking and hold on the icon export to keep record of images captured by a particular and assembled to become a short video.


You know the best apps to download of Instagram for free that enables you to dispense with the application of the Instagram, the official on Android and start the application enables you to upload clips to Instagram Wu take advantage of the benefits of Instagram for the original

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