Waymo and Jaguar unveil the electric car a luxury self-driving, fully


The company announced the Waymo subsidiary of Alphabet is specialized in the technology of self-driving from the launch of the first self-driving electric car fully in the world in collaboration with a company Jaguar. This car bearing the name Jaguar I-PACE, has been built for taxi service self-driving subsidiary of Waymo, a rupture between the design of the Jaguar technology Waymo self-drive.

Company Waymo that the car Jaguar I-PACE electrical is a natural choice for the future development that puts self-driving cars fully front and center. It’s an SUV stylish which are perfect for driving within the city. Is yet to confirm the battery capacity by company, Waymo, but she says she can’t drive all day.

The company intends Waymo support taxi fleet of self-driving own up to 20 thousand SUV model Jaguar I-PACE in the next few years, which will enable it to command million trips on a normal day, at least according to the company Waymo. Thus the fleet will be able to provide a taxi service self-leadership to many groups throughout the United States.

In the future, will passengers can also choose between a wide variety of options that fit their needs while on the road. And you don’t have to sit only and wait for access to the office, they can call a Jaguar I-PACE is designed to work remotely, or dining with friends, or even take a nap.

Will start by Waymo test car Jaguar I-PACE self-driving the new as part of its fleet later this year. The company says the car will start soon in the play ” a vital role full-time ” in the service of her soon.


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