Waymo will bring self-driving cars to new countries in collaboration with Renault and Nissan


The Waymo and Nissan and Renault for their cooperation today to bring self-driving cars to both France and Japan. I signed these companies already have an exclusive agreement to explore all aspects of the service independent development to transport passengers and deliver applications in these countries. This announcement cast a little light on the details relating the concrete to launch a taxi service, self-driving, for example.

It seems that he arranged similar to the arrangements announced by the company Waymo with other companies specialized in the automotive industry. Maybe that’s why you look the way that the drafting of this declaration was somewhat ambiguous.

Will benefit the partners of the strengths of each party, expand the experiences through assessment of the opportunities available in the market, and with the country in trade issues, legal and regulatory-related transportation services without driver in France and Japan.

Recall that this is the first step to develop the service with profitable long-term in these countries. Will be analyzing the situation first in France and Japan, home to Renault and Nissan respectively, before moving to other markets, except China. To promote the process of exploring the possibilities of this engagement with Waymo, pick up Renault and Nissan create joint companies focus on the alliance in their countries which will be the same for transport services devoid of drivers.

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