Ways and secrets to create ideas for your next projects

The idea is the seed of any project, click on, its owner rummaging to find the finest and the best ideas and most appropriate for his project, and everyone is suffering with this problem as inspiration and create inspiration and the mind which brings creative ideas and profitable, and in our article that we’ll show you some methods and secrets that help create that inspiration.

The warehouse speed of ideas: the location of the cooler, the hunt

Produkt hunt is a published creative ideas and inspiring about useful apps or websites perform the purpose or add-ons seem important or even thoughts about the books authorship.

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Here you can use the location of the vader. [2] or any RSS reader another, to which it adds location the cooler the hunt to an RSS reader to follow daily those ideas we should say that the site offers you every day, Fidel. 40 the idea almost by the season and reflect the owners ideas, and then you filter those ideas and choose what suits you best and fits the conditions of your surroundings.

The site itself is an idea rare at the Arab level, we mean here the idea of creating a site to publish ideas and projects, then it is evaluated by users of the site by voting positively or negatively, the more you voted in the affirmative and arranged it and share it.

But with such rarity took some creators the opportunity to create a site share services and ideas useful in everyday life and is a platform promoted to the world, an excellent platform and very in facilitating some of the tasks that suffer a bit in its implementation.

Other sites to share ideas

There is a wagon “involved the idea of” choose once to share ideas, much like the position of the cooler, the hunt, The you wagon and looking for ideas of different types (apps, sites, add-ons…) you’ll find out what would take you there, there is also the location of Syria “platform of ideas” to share ideas in the field of Education.

Site Ideaswatch like a shared idea of, and development that rely on foreign websites to bring ideas is very important because the transfer of trade from foreign content into Arabic content facilitates a lot of things.

The exploitation of the situation surrounding you

The circumstances surrounding your particular negative contribution significantly in the creation of product ideas, if your surroundings is suffering from shortage of money then you are here trying to reinvent the idea of a certain help in the delivery of water for as much as possible from the people and from these circumstances came the idea to filter the water is cloudy, use a small tool size , but it is doing its job to the fullest.

In Syria treats students and pupils lack textbooks, of here use these situations to create useful apps to facilitate the process of downloading these books, and be compatible with the conditions that take place in the Syria of support of the application communication network (second generation) support download books to read when the movement of community online, and reduce the block size so be quick to download.

And also in Syria people of a shortage of gas and electricity, the creation of the application facilitates the process of shipping the gas from your truck it is very important, and will help the Syrian people so much with the problem of shortage of gas and electricity.

In the world people suffer from the false news and rumors here and there, we can use this problem to develop artificial intelligence software that help in the classification of news as to her health and safety.

These are just examples, and more examples of ideas can be inspired by the conditions of the peripheral, but of the fact that get away with these ideas don’t take the whole but choose best according to the informed individual.

Exploitation instant what is happening in the trend

In any state, there are things and issues be the talk of the street and the slope of the trend, it can be very of these cases to know what the needs of the hair of things you can do to facilitate her follow-up to these areas.

So you should for anyone looking for ideas to have RSS reader as we mentioned above, and with the sites that know they issued a news brief and quick about what’s going on in my country.

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There are various ways to find out what is going on in the trend as a follow-up list of trend existing in the Twitter that know the daily hashtags that are published about its users heavily.

ترند التويتر
Trend Twitter

Or through the use of service trend is provided by Google.

Google Trends
Google Trends

As that trend is not confined to news only, but in terms of projects, also, if entrepreneurs are turning to a certain pattern of thoughts, ride the wave, because the user is looking for what is best in these projects that relate to the trend here lies the importance of the competition:

As the world now goes to create a bot in line or are you subtly, can devise creative tasks to help people perform their tasks and between these bots are: a bot suggest you gifts if you want to make a gift for one of your surroundings.

Among the ideas that can also create the bot: the bot helps students to psychological comfort before the exam and provide tips to them, the bot helps you to search for the whereabouts of a particular book or provide a link to download the book to look for.

Vie others the best of what you have

When you decide to ride the wave of the trend to projects, don’t offer to accomplish the same idea with the same style in the same way, and then waiting for people to accept on your project, you have to put a special touch and answer the featured question: What is possible in your project?

The user does not think in that it uses a sundry of projects, but to think only of the best and appropriate to our own devices, what, so am trying as much as possible to provide new features not available in the project lead the trend and always developing your project for the better without stop for the desirability of the user and continue to use your project.

The party will not remain a hole forever

When you find the right idea and exploitation proper introduction, don’t hesitate to reflected on the fact never, no less: you still have time to want the idea of my watch, as long as the idea exists there is a possibility that cause you someone to apply.

You don’t want to rush into the app and then lose in the draft and have to steal you, put methodology information specific to your idea but don’t go in the postponement of its application.

Don’t underestimate your abilities and your ideas

The worst thing you do after you find the idea appropriate system to start the mediation yourself that the idea is trivial, would you shoot me, I’ll never succeed. Keep in mind that projects and successful models currently all suffered from criticism of a Party of the people and ridicule the foolish without reason.

But after years succeeded those projects demonstrated to people that they will succeed in it, this is not such the ability of your but go ahead in the application of your thoughts and if you fail to apply then you have gained experience and lessons you’ll need in the projects to come and deliver that experience in the success of bypassing the pitfalls that occurred in previous projects.

Necessity is the Mother of invention

The idea usually comes after to be the human condition to it, so what there is not to be present, there are many ideas a man needs to record daily tasks, including:

  • The application to the customer you can come to the barber to shave or not, how long should wait to his turn, the solution to the problem of wait lengthy when shaving.
  • Applying for the ride when you travel and trips, helps a lot of students who suffer from financial problems or can not pay the transport costs.
  • The application helps you remember the missed prayers so you think.
  • Site and apply a medical examination remotely, the score in which patients, doctors, specialists, agents who communicate remotely with patients and communicating text can be visible to determine the disease and treatment remotely also if the disease is mild and not a disease calls for the nursery or through the app are provided property, book an appointment with a patient or a doctor to come to the clinic.
  • The application reminds you of the way you want (daily, weekly, monthly, or even every hour or every quarter of an hour) the remaining time for a particular project or service must end on time, and helps a lot in discipline, and not to delay appointments and create arguments.
  • The draft divided the Quran into parts small allowed, to help in the memorization of the elderly and the Koran through the sky.
  • Draft cart to know which ideas and projects to present to the entrepreneurs and investors then choose what appeals to them and they say funding.

In the latter, ideas are not offered as gifts info and then you apply easily, pry the idea in everywhere, took advantage of any opportunity and don’t waste of your hands opportunities to go and don’t come back many of those who took advantage of the opportunities now find his name prominent in all over the place thanks to his idea and exploit his chance.

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