Ways to improve images in the computer

Before blaming the headphones, you should consider having many aspects that affect the quality of the sound, because the headset is integrated with the software or the operating system to produce music or video or any audio file you listen to.

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Of course it may happen that the operating system is the cause of the poor performance of the audio, not the speaker. For this reason, Windows 10 includes a some of the features that you can try to improve the sound of your computer on it significantly, let me highlight it from the following lines.

خاصية Bass Boost

Improved audio through its Bass Boost

  • Is Bass Boost, one of the most important characteristics in Windows, when you activate this feature, you will hear a sound level higher than normal for headphones.
  • Once you activate the water, you will notice the effect immediately when you run any music file, so that the frequency of the sound to exceed the limit, giving you more clarity of sound.
  • If it is not default water effect is noticeable, try pressing the Settings button and maximize the frequency and sound level.
  • By clicking on the preview button will preview the fast performance of the image before applying it effectively on the operating system.

خاصية Virtual Surround

Use Virtual Surround function

  • Can activate the Virtual Surround if you have a stereo headphone or set of speakers is huge, and will definitely notice a significant difference in audio performance, especially when watching movies or playing video games that care about audio effects are brilliant.
  • Will give you this feature is surround sound or 360 degrees, which makes you feel as if the helicopter is near you and not just hear the sound of a plane.
  • Will you have your company more when you activate the water, and experience the play any video that supports three-dimensional sound.

خاصية Room Correction

To solve the problem of Ae measured property Room Correction

  • The advantage of Room Correction strange to some extent on the features that were presented previously. Once it is activated, you will see a window pop up you know some information or skill building on the water.
  • Clicking the “next” button to produce different tones from the speakers to be picked up by the microphone and its location.
  • This way is the analysis of the data and modify the sound settings to get the best and most appropriate so as to be clear audio the room is.

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