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How to make data Facebook account safe

Needs Facebook on all the pictures that you share on your personal page, but Facebook has other ways to get more information about those pictures that you post without so familiar, but Facebook is not just a social network it is a network advertising and also making them keep track of what the user is doing on the internet to find information that will help in air conditioning the ads that appear while the user is browsing Facebook, the The company is able to track the websites that you have visited recently when you are planning your trip or to collect the customer information that companies publish as the store in which you purchase travel purposes and it depends on it can the police collect information about all the friends who went on a trip and know you guys were together. thanks to their ability to access to geo-location data.

You can’t prevent Facebook from collecting data about you, even if you deactivate your account or delete it completely (though that deleting your account will significantly reduce data collection) but more what you can do is to reduce the information obtained by the social network around you, below we offer a selection of tips that enable you to protect your data on Facebook and drive away important information about the social network.

The first step to control the ad settings on Facebook

When you log in to El your Facebook account you can specify information used by the company to determine the ads that know you, and you can do this by going to Settings and then choose the ads “Ads” of the horizontal line on the left and then go to Options Preferences ads “Your ad preferences” and then clicking on the ad settings “Ad settings.”

The bottom option “Ads based on data from partners” ads, which are based on data from the companies and you can specify whether you want to opt-in to watch the ads based on the data of companies that are shared on Facebook, for example, if you activate that option, you’ll be able to see the ads contain deals hotels when you visit travel sites.

And the other which is advertising based on your activity on Facebook and left her in another place and here you can specify whether you want to use specific information about you to the costs of the ads you see on other websites, but you must diversification you even if you cancel the subscription in all of the above the company still you customize the ads that are displayed to you by using your gender, age, and geographical location.

Get rid of third-party applications

In the past year there have been many reports that reveal the size of the data that you access third-party applications to which you have access using your personal account on Facebook, so it’s good that you take a look around the settings again and the settings menu you can click on the option applications and websites “Apps and websites” will provide a list of apps and websites that die sign in with your personal account and you can remove those apps or limit the amount of information they can request and access.

As you can stop that feature permanently by going to Options Preferences “Preferences” and then click on the option applications and websites, games, “Apps, websites and games.” Choose modify to prevent the use of your account in the registry in those locations, games and applications, but it should be noted that when you make that step you won’t be able to connect your account to Facebook applications third-party.

The second step is the use of blocking tools external

You don’t have to rely on your Facebook settings to secure your information, there are tools to help you can rely on to enhance your privacy, where it says Safari preventing the application of Facebook of using cookies external applications, which limits the ability of Facebook to share your activity on external websites and other applications.

And Firefox also feature Facebook Container which separates between your activity on Facebook and encourage you to external websites, but you should note that when you use those tools you won’t be able to use a feature of likes and comments on Facebook on external websites.

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