We are able to recognize faces. But how do the babies?

The ability to recognize faces of other people is one of the main features of the human brain, it is simply impossible comfortable behavior in society. And although each faces works differently (some are able to recall the person after 20 years of meetings, others forget it in a week), it still is. But when a person has the ability to recognize faces? Scientists from Italy have come to the conclusion that it is even in newborn babies.

According to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, infants partly able to involve sections of the occipital-temporal part of the brain. They are responsible for face recognition in adults. The experiment was conducted with the participation of ten babies that are under 4 days.

During the experiment, infants were shown squares that were placed so that they visually resembled the face of a man. Then the squares change places, distorting improvised face. The reaction of babies ‘ brains was recorded using electroencephalography.

When the baby recognizes the face where the squares standing in the correct order, the observed activity in the right hemisphere of the brain in the occipital-temporal and occipital-parietal division. The first is the fusiform gyrus, responsible for perception and recognition of different visual information, including face.

According to doctors-neurologists, this skill really comes very early.

Newborn babies develop the skill of face recognition since the first days of life. The question of the individual, but on average the rudiments appear in less than a day after birth. Already to four months the child is able to clearly distinguish one person from another. In the next few months the skill is actively developed.

Yulia Mikhailova, a neurologist, in comments to Hi-News.ru.

As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that infants in fact use the same areas of occipital-temporal lobe of the brain as adults. In the first days of activity the baby does not change and begins to progress in two weeks.

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