We asked the President of Huawei: going out of town they have phones in Egypt?! And surprise

Huawei has made the Huawei made significant progress in the volume of its sales in the Egyptian market, during the past two months, with him ranked first in the smart phone market in Egypt, as Huawei has made ranked second in the world, having displaced Apple from its position.

The centre of the containment Huawei results, provided the opportunity to”clip” meet Jane ji, President of Huawei Middle East & Africa, and talked to him about the company’s plan during the next phase, the responsiveness of the sales of their phones and economic conditions in Egypt, and is it possible to see the factory for Huawei in Egypt soon.

Why spend Jiao was influenced by Huawei, the report of the Egyptian market and the exchange rate of the local currency during the past two years, but he believes that the market quickly stabilized and returned to normal significantly, helped by the uniqueness of the Egyptian market to evolve and adapt with continuous conditions compared to other markets.

Implemented ing a decrease in the purchasing power of the smart phones in the Egyptian market, although increased product prices to almost double, however, the mutual trust between agents and distributors has helped to overcome the crisis.

In response to a question regarding the manufacture Huawei phones in Egypt, he assured ji that Huawei does not possess the sources or production lines in any country in the world including China, and the company says Manufacturing has gas, it is equal to possess the centres of research and development, design products, you are sending to the factories for the production of limited quantities of them, and J. having no plans for Huawei to manufacture their products in Egypt.

He assured ji that his recent meeting with Keith Lee, Director of Huawei Egypt, which included an agreement on the expansion during the next period in the launch of more stores Huawei after increasing the size of products offered by the company, they will be the grand style befitting the customers of Huawei, you will be able to experience the devices in-store and on its advantages and get all the services that you are looking for, it will be the introduction of additional advantages related to after-sales service.

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