We choose a system of boarding using the inference biometric

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جيمالتو تختبر نظاماً للصعود إلى الطائرة باستخدام الاستدلال البيومتري

The company announced Gemalto Gemalto world leader in Digital Security announced the launch of a pilot program jointly in collaboration with a leading airline with the aim of providing more comfort and safety for the passengers during their travel experience, and through the empowerment of boarding using the inference biometric Terminal 4 at Los Angeles International Airport.

Would this test prove the ability to meet passengers ‘ needs and expectations using the technique of face recognition compared with the traditional, as well as meet the requirements of out of body Sai and Border Protection of the United States of America.

The world of travel today changes rapidly, and is expected to double passenger traffic of up to 7.8 million passengers by the year 2036, forcing airlines and airports to innovation to meet the requirements of government and consumers the new with a view to strengthening security and efficiency.

And Gemalto these needs, as well as to enable boarding by using the inference biometric by facial recognition technology.

Said Neville Pattinson, senior vice president, government programs at Gemalto in this regard: “the ability to use your face instead of a boarding pass will not contribute to the strengthening of security, but also called for passengers to climb more easily and quickly”.

He added: “undergoing the process of boarding passengers to the plane changes at the global level, we are pleased to be at the forefront of this change, allowing our partners to provide service and enhanced security Two thanks to our capabilities in the area of inference biometric”.

It includes the process of providing up the easier to plane a minimum of changes in hardware and infrastructure for airports and airlines

Features of this pilot program, which prints at Los Angeles International Airport in the city is unique, with regard to the constraints relating to space and future options, which will be incorporated into the solution within the platform staff travel list to facilitate the boarding process.

The passengers from the gate and receive certification through the computer screen and the camera after switching from their face by the verification services of passengers of the burning body of the SAI and Border Protection of the United States of America, to directly scan the images taken by the system after the process finishes shift to ensure the privacy of all passengers.

Injection system direct to on the face of dabigatran during the experiment dedicated to test the technology inference biometric which is assessed by the Ministry of national security of the American success rate in identification by 99.44 percent in less than 5 seconds, compared with the average of 65 percent during the same period among other sellers participating in the trade.

The gate Arab News Technical Gemalto choose a system of boarding using the inference biometric

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