We found the cheapest smartphone with support for contactless payment

While some manufacturers of the first echelon which year are committed at all costs to reduce the share of smartphones with NFC is popular in Russia, the brand Jinga acts exactly the opposite. Not following the bad example of its competitors, the company unveiled its cheapest camera module with near-field, proving that the benefits of contactless payment can be accessed absolutely everything. It is important to know what smartphone to choose.

Jinga Pass 3G is the fourth smartphone, which the company Jinga introduced this year. Looking ahead, we note that its price in the Russian retail will be only 4590 rubles. It seems, the more profitable smartphone with NFC Russian market has never seen before.

The cheapest smartphone with NFC

“Jinga continues to promote useful technology to the masses. Function purchases smartphone through the payment system Google Pay has never been so accessible. To the already released this year’s models in the coming months will be added a constellation of new products. We try to meet the expectations of Russian buyers. For little money they get a quality smartphone with all the necessary modern man features the Jinga smartphones you can buy in retail in any region of Russia, all models are subject to warranty service,” — said the Director of the office of Jinga in Russia Denis Cherfas.

The devices of competing manufacturers, is able to argue with Jinga Pass 3G in terms of price / performance, definitely can’t boast with the support for contactless payment, which is today one of the most requested features.

Jinga Pass 3G is equipped with dual camera with autofocus and a 5-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9, covered with tempered 2.5 D glass. Once such glass was considered to be the hallmark of only the flagship smartphones and now available to everyone.

Jinga Pass 3G — features

The hardware capabilities of the new model is MT6580 Quad-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.3 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. Someone this amount of RAM can seem daunting, but the engineers Jinga everything. The smartphone is running Android 8.1 Go Edition, which is absolutely undemanding to resources providing a decent level of performance even on slower hardware.

Under the hood Jinga Pass 3G hides the battery capacity of 2400 mAh, which is more than enough for a comfortable run most everyday tasks without fear that the smartphone will soon be exhausted. As a nice bonus Jinga Pass 3G boasts built-in FM tuner that will not get bored even when you are away from civilization and the Internet.

Retail sales Jinga Pass 3G in the Russian market will begin in the near future. Official distributor of the brand Retentive distribution company agreed that it would be in the range of several large retailers in the absolutely attractive price equal to 4590 rubles.

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